• Safety briefing
    ID cards
  • All ready for daytrip
    Shopping in city of Guildford
  • Our transportation
    Clean,comfortable and safe
  • Spacious interior
    All seats fitted with seat belts
  • Breakfast
    A host family's home
  • Shopping time in Guildford
    In the high street
  • In the mobile phone shop
    Buying UK SIM cards for childrens' phones
  • At Guildford Castle
    Climbing up the hill to the top
  • Group outside Castle
    Explored inside
  • At a traditional English sweet shop
    So much to choose from!
  • Dinner time
    About to try some delicious English home made cooking
  • Writing posctards
    Sending back to families in Thailand
  • Horse riding at a local farm
    Great fun!
  • On the adventure playground
    Down on the farm
  • Evening briefing
    Explaining next day's activities
  • After dinner fun
    Games and relaxation time
  • First trip to London
    The Tower of London
  • Meeting with a local knight
    Learn some history
  • Meeting a Beefeater
    The keepers of the Tower
  • Photo opportunity
    A soldier guarding the Crown Jewels
  • Outside the White Tower
    Tower bridge in the background
  • In the souvenir shop
    Trying on knight helmets
  • Outside Tower bridge
    Next to the Thames river
  • Big breakfast again
    Ready for trip to Greenwich
  • In Greenwich
    Next to the Cutty Sark
  • In front of National Maritime Museum
  • On balcony of Queen's house
  • Standing on the Meridian Line
    Greenwich Observatory
  • Learning how to navigate
    Sextant at Greenwich Observatory
  • Shopping
    At Greenwich market
  • Delicious Salmon steaks with Hollandaise sauce
    At Homestay family home
  • Fish fingers and chips for lunch
    At Homestay family home
  • Visit to a 1,000 year old church
    Local village
  • Inside church
    Local village
  • Posting posctards back to Thailand
    At local post office
  • Climbing the web
    At local playground
  • Team photo
    On the climbing frame
  • Hyde Park
    By the Serpentine lake
  • Outside Harrods
    The World famous department store
  • Harrods
    In the Food Hall
  • Picnic lunch
    In Hyde park down by the Serpentine lake
  • Shopping trip
    Oxford Street
  • Oxford daytrip
    Outside Christ Church College
  • Oxford guided tour
    Harry Potter film location
  • Beautiful historic buildings
    Oxford University
  • Another delicious dinner
    Pork cutlets and stirfried vegetables
  • In the Great dining hall
    Harry Potter studios
  • Wizard Chess
    Harry Potter studios
  • Diagon Alley
    Harry Potter studios
  • Chelsea Football Stadium
    Stadium tour
  • The Trophy cabinet
    Chelsea Stadium
  • Pitchside
    Chelsea Stadium tour
  • Chelsea's next Manager
    Press room Chelsea stadium
  • Players' dressing room
    Chelsea Stadium
  • Richmond Park
  • Zip wire
    Local playground
  • Tyre swing
    Local playground
  • Big slide
    Adventure playground
  • Feeding ponies
    Local field
  • Birthday cake
    One of the children's birthdays
  • Cutting the birthday cake
    Special event
  • Sightseeing walking tour in London
    Next to the London Eye
  • The London Eye
    From below
  • On Westminster bridge
    Houses of Parliament in background
  • Picnic in St. James's Park
    Under the blossom trees
  • Buckingham Palace
    London sightseeing
  • Shopping in Hamleys
    The biggest toy shop in the World!
  • In front of the National gallery
    Trafalgar Square
  • The Bronze lions
    Trafalgar Square
  • On the London Eye
    A 45 minute ride
  • Spectacular views
    The London Eye
  • Garlic bread side dish
    Dinner at Homestay family home
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise
    Dinner at Homestay family home
  • Dessert
    Ice cream and chocolate pancakes in toffee sauce
  • Feeding the ducks
    Bushy Park
  • Picnic lunch by lake
    Bushy Park
  • Deer swimming
    Bushy Park
  • Adventure playground
    Bushy Park
  • River Thames
    Next to Hampton Court
  • In front of Hampton Court Palace
    Maybe meet Henry VIII
  • All dressed up
    Ready to explore the palace
  • Having a banquet
    The palace kitchens
  • The Royal apartments
    Hampton Court
  • Meeting one of the Royal residents
    Hampton Court
  • Wandering around the gardens
    Hampton Court
  • The first Tennis Court
    Hampton Court
  • Adventure playground
    Bushy Park
  • Ice Cream time!
    Bushy Park
  • Casserole with cream mashed potatoes, broccoli cheese and corn
    Homestay family dinner
  • Strawberries and cream ice cream
    Lovely desserts
  • Sausages and burgers
    BBQ in garden
  • BBQ time
    Taking advantage of the good weather
  • Build your own burger and hotdog
    Plenty of sauces and toppings
  • Delicious BBQ
    Great fun!
  • Strawberries and cream
  • Playing tennis
    At local sports fields
  • Monkeying about
    Local adventure playground
  • Playing in the forest
    Good exercise
  • In the garden at host family home
    Relaxation time
  • The girls playing an English word game
    Host family's garden
  • The boys playing an English word game
    Host family's garden
  • Traditional English roast lunch
    Roast pork, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts green long beans with gravy
  • Baked Apple Pie and custard
    Traditional English puddings
  • Playing games
    At local park
  • Tea time
    Cheese on toast
  • Breakfast time
    Croissant, cereals, toast, waffles and juices
  • Historic Dockyard
  • In front of HMS Victory
    Admiral Nelson's flagship
  • On the top deck of HMS Victory
    Posing with a cannon
  • On another gun deck
    HMS Victory
  • Picnic lunch time in the boat shed
  • Passing the brand new British Royal Navy's aircraft carrier
    The Queen Elizabeth II
  • Harbour boat trip
  • Laser Quest
    Action Stations
  • Indoor rock climbing
    Action Stations
  • Helicopter simulator training
    Action Stations
  • Scaling the moving climbing wall
    Action stations
  • Testing reaction times
    Action Stations
  • Home made lasagne and spinach for dinner
    Host family dinner time
  • Vienetta ice cream
    A wide selection of puddings available each dinner time
  • Rambling
    At Ranmore
  • Taking a break
  • Wandering through the woods
  • In the Bluebell wood
  • Helping with the BBQ
  • Outdoor dining
  • Enjoying the fresh air
  • Ice skating
    With a little help
  • Best friends
    Ice skating in Guildford
  • Good ice buddies
    Guildford ice rink
  • Helping snowmen and penguins
    Guildford ice skating
  • Getting more confident
    Ice rink Guildford
  • Pizza night
    Home made pizzas
  • Variety of toppings available
    Creative chefs
  • Pizzas approved!
    Getting full now
  • Windy day
  • Hot Chocolate stop
    Brighton cafe
  • Brighton Palace pier
  • Playing the arcades
  • Lunch on the pier
  • Dressed up as Police officers
    Old Police cells museum in Brighton
  • Outside Madame Tussauds
    Wax work museum
  • Meeting Shrek
    Madame Tussauds
  • An audience with Henry VIII
    Watch your head!
  • On the balcony with the British Royal family
    Madame Tussauds
  • The president of the United States
    Madame Tussauds
  • The girls with One Direction
    Madame Tussauds
  • The Voice
    Madame Tussauds
  • Helping out Spiderman
    Madame Tussauds
  • In the Millenium Falcon cockpit
    Madame Tussauds
  • Traditional English fried breakfast
    Bacon, scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes, baked beans and black pudding
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • ucky strikes
    Woking ten pin bowling alley
  • Laser Quest
    The Big Apple
  • Prize winners
    The Big Apple games arcade
  • At the theatre
    Watching 'The Secret Garden'
  • Spaghetti Carbonnara and Garlic bread for dinner
    Host family homestay dinner
  • Sunday buffet lunch
    Local Brazillian Steakhouse
  • Great selection
    All you can eat
  • Variety of cooked meats
    Beef, pork, chicken, gammon
  • Still not full
    Bon Appetite
  • Chef comes to your table and carves
    You just need to catch it!
  • Absolutely full!
    Until next time...
  • Carters Steam Fair
    Traditional fun fair visiting town
  • One of the rides
    The rockin' ship
  • On the Ghost Train
    Carters Steam Fair
  • Inside Canterbury Cathedral
  • The famous and historic cathedral
  • Fish pie with brocolli and corn for dinner
    Host family dinner time
  • Waiting for our tour bus
    London Bus and River Tour
  • On the bus
    Lots to see
  • Lunching in front of the Tower of London
    Waiting for our river cruise
  • Passing St. Paul's Cathedral
    London Bus tour
  • Floating past Tower Bridge
    London river cruise
  • On the bus again
    Passing the Houses of Parliament
  • Souvenir and gift shopping
  • At the ice cream parlour
  • Great selection of ice creams to choose
  • On the Monkey Swing
    Chessington World of Adventures
  • Going on the Kobra ride
    Chessington World of Adventures
  • Braving the Rattlesnake Roller coaster
    Chessington World of Adventures
  • Exploring marine life
    Aquarium Chessington World of Adventures
  • Tree climbing
    Newlands Corner
  • The best team!
    Newlands Corner
  • Hill walking
    Newlands Corner
  • About to roll down the hillside
    Newlands Corner
  • Feeding the ducks
    Shere village
  • Outside the Dabbling Duck cafe
    Shere village
  • Our Cream Tea is on the way...
    Dabbling Duck cafe, Shere
  • Scrumptious tea and scones
    Shere village
  • Strawberry Jam and Cream on scones
  • Obstacle course
    Team building at local adventure playground
  • Encouraging each other
    Adventure playground
  • Improving teamwork through a game of 'Rounders'
    Gomshall sports field
  • Fish and Chips night
    From local takeaway restaurant
  • Traditional Fish and chips
  • Almost time to go back home to Thailand
    With homestay family
  • Thankyou so much for a great time
    Going to miss you!
  • Thanks so much for being a wonderful host
    Hope to see you again
  • Bon Voyage!
    Safe journey home
  • At the airport in Thailand
    On way to meet families again
  • 4 weeks together
    Great mates forever!
  • Great times, great friendships made, many new things learned
    That's England Homestay!!