• In the town centre
    Mr. Simms' sweety shop
  • At the local playground
    Climbing the scramble net
  • Teamwork!
    Great fun!
  • ID cards
    Each child has their own ID card
  • Relaxation time
    Before going on day trip
  • In Greenwich
    At the Cutty Sark
  • Making our way to the museum
    Exploring Greenwich
  • On the Meridian Line
    Greenwich Observatory
  • Greenwich Market
    Bit of extra lunch
  • At a traditional English sweet shop
    So much to choose from!
  • Spare time in afternoon
    At adventure playground
  • On the slide
    Enjoying the cooler temperatures
  • Dinner time
    Freshly cooked evening meals
  • Breakfast time at host family's home
    Bacon and eggs
  • Evening meal with host family
    Enjoying time together
  • After dinner fun
    Games and relaxation time
  • Chatting with host family members
    Sharing cultures
  • Great Bookham local village
    Visit to a traditional English village
  • At the local church
    Great Bookham village
  • Buying some things for lunch
    At the village baker
  • Writing postcards to send back home
    Practicing their written English
  • Selection of new food for lunch
    Traditional breads, pies and pasties
  • They try everything!
    Scotch eggs, pork pies, sausages with bacon and pickles
  • Great lunch
    They ate everything!
  • First outdoor adventure activity
    Walton Firs
  • Tour leader, Guy, showing them how it's done!
    Bit muddy!
  • On the adventure obstacle course
    Great fun!
  • In teams
    Going over the obstacle course
  • Loads of teamwork required
    100% effort by the guys
  • Everyone has a go
    Building self-confidence in the tunnel
  • On the rope swing
    Many obstacle challenges
  • Balance required on this one
    It was a bit wobbly!
  • Under the scamble net
    Team members helping each other
  • Team tasks area
    Co-ordination of effort
  • march-2019
    Team members given leadership roles
    Leader communicates orders
  • Trust exercise
    With partners
  • Through the spider web
    You can't use the same gap twice
  • Initiative exercise
    Thinking as a team
  • The end of our first team challenge day
    Great success
  • Dinner time
    Well earned after the day's activities
  • Sightseeing trip in London
    Lots of things to visit
  • Buckingham Palace
    Lovely weather
  • At Nelson's Column
    Trafalgar Square
  • Picnic time
    Beside the fountains
  • Street performer
    Near National Gallery
  • Shopping success
    Oxford Street
  • Another lovely dinner with the host family
    Roast pork, roast potatoes and vegetables
  • Walton Firs
    Pioneering activity and Command tasks
  • Learning about rope knots
    Learning new things all the time
  • Split into teams
    Working together
  • One of the team in command
    Organsing and managing the team
  • A new leader for the command task
    How to get the team from point A to point B using the wood and ropes
  • Team members
    Working well together to achieve the aim
  • Instruction on building a structure
    Pioneering task
  • Everyone has a job to do!
    Helping the team
  • The final bits put together
    They made a swing!
  • Great teamwork involved
    Buggy building
  • Finished buggy
    Waiting for the race
  • B Team with their buggy
    Who will win?
  • Team A in the lead
    Very entertaining!
  • Morning briefing
    15 minutes each morning
  • At the Tower of London
    With a Beefeater
  • Trying on some traditional knight's equipment
    Souvenir shop
  • Ice cream at the Tower
    Watch the monkies!
  • In front of Tower Bridge
    Next to the Tower
  • Fish and Chips for lunch
    Sat next to the Tower of London
  • At Bushy Park
    Ready for the adventure playground
  • On the giant swing
    Bushy Park
  • On the big wooden climbing frame
    Team photo
  • Overlooking the River Thames
    Outside Hampton Court
  • In front of Hampton Court Palace
    Waiting to see Henry the Eighth
  • In Tudor robes
    Starting our tour of the Palace
  • In the Palace kitchens
    Met a kitchen servant of King Henry
  • In the Palace gardens
    Hampton Court
  • In the World famous maze
    We got lost!!
  • Ice creams once again
    Bushy Park
  • By one of the lakes
    Bushy Park
  • Traditional cooked breakfast
  • Countryside walk
    Ranmore - Area of Natural Beauty
  • Cooking sausages on the BBQ
    BBQ picnic
  • Checking on the food
    Tasty BBQ
  • Lovely weather for the BBQ
    Great countryside
  • Ready for ice skating
    Safety helmets worn at all times
  • Some of the kids had never skated before
    Team helped each other so everyone could enjoy
  • On the pyramid rope climbing frame
    Great for confidence building
  • Windsor castle
    The Queen was there also
  • Outside St. George's chapel
    Where the Royal wedding had taken place between Harry and Meghan
  • On the bridge
    Crossing into Eton
  • Breakfast time with host family
    Selection of cereals, breads and spreads
  • On the Nightline
    Trust exercise at Walton Firs
  • Through the spider web
    Everyone is blindfolded!
  • Tough challenge
    Get the ball from one end of the pipes to the other using co-ordination of the team
  • Great command task
    Move your team from point A to point B using limited resources
  • Need to manage the team
    Organising materials and manpower
  • Buffet lunch
    At Brazilian steakhouse
  • Big selection of foods
    Interesting cuisine for the guys to try
  • Carving the meat at our table
    Tasted great!
  • Totally full!
    No space left for pudding
  • At the Dabbling Duck
    Cream Tea awaits!
  • Nice cup of English tea
    Made by themselves
  • Enjoying the scones, cream and jam
    Lovely expereince in the local village of Shere
  • Great traditional English afternoon snack
    Cheese on toast
  • At Portsmouth
    Historic Dockyard
  • Historic battleship
    HMS Victory
  • On one of the gun decks
    Very interesting
  • On the tour boat
    Around Portsmouth harbour
  • On the helicopter simulator
    Action Stations
  • On the climbing wall
    Great for confidence building
  • On Westminster bridge/div>
    Near the Houses of Parliament
  • River Thames cruise
    Top deck
  • On the London Eye<
    Great views of London's landmarks
  • Games night
    Relaxation time in the evening
  • The Cobra ride
    Chessington World of Adventures
  • Monkey swing
    Got a bit wet!
  • Bumper cars
    Perfecting their driving skills
  • Braving the rollercoaster
    Dragon's Fury
  • On the Rattle snake ride
    Around the mines
  • Pizza making night
    Add your own toppings
  • Chelsea stadium tour/div>
    Sitting in the stands
  • Pitchside
  • Girls next to the pitch
    Stadium tour
  • Souvenir shopping
    Chelsea stadium
  • Old style footballs
  • Instruction on outdoor activity challenge
    High Ashurst
  • Collecting wood
    For fire lighting
  • Shelter building
    Team tasks
  • Girls in their shelter
    Excellent team effort
  • Time to learn how to make a fire
    Fire lighting area
  • Fire lighting practice
    In pairs
  • Eating the popcorn
    Just cooked on their fires
  • Charcoaled faces
    After fire lighting practice
  • Solve the Chinese handcuffs!
    Can you escape?
  • Taking a well earned break
    Warming up in the hut
  • Solving the minefield
    A memory exercise
  • On the Challenge course stop
    Command task 1
  • Team planning required
    Effective bonding task
  • Last man!
    It's not over until the final team member is across
  • Tricky challenge - mentally and physically
    Get the team across the poles without touching the ground
  • Half the team is across
    Can the others make it?!
  • Loads of physical effort required
    110% given by the team to achieve the challenge - well done!
  • On the see-saw
    A real balancing act
  • Swing challenge
    Team required to get from one platform to the other
  • The team in action!
    The guys on the second platform need to catch their team member
  • All safe across the divide
    Great job!
  • Safely get across another challenge
    Balance and teamwork
  • Happy lads
  • Low ropes course
    Trust and communication tasks
  • Safety training
    Girls doing well
  • Team A ready
    Only if they work effectively as a team will they succeed
  • All teams come togther to achieve a hard task
    Co-ordinated effort
  • Balance
    ...and absolute trust in your team mates
  • Make a plan
    Look at the bigger picture and your resources
  • Team supports each other
    On every challenge
  • The plan is working
    The team are working very well together
  • Map reading
    Orienteering exercise
  • Finding direction
    Helping each other navigate
  • How to use a compass
    Now they can find their way anywhere
  • Great new skills
    So many new things to learn
  • At the circus
    Fun afternoon
  • The performance is about to begin
    Popcorn and candy floss in full flow
  • Trapeze artist
    Impressive balance
  • Incredible acrobats
    Amazing performance
  • Watching the Grand National
    Place your bets
  • Fish and chips dinner
    The guys loved it!
  • Ten Pin bowling
    Some lucky strikes!
  • Lining up the bowling ball
    The Big Apple, Woking
  • At the games arcade
    On the slot machines
  • Roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables with gravy and bread sauce
    Traditional English roast dinner
  • Yummy puddings
    Rasberry Pavlova
  • Multiple flavours/div>
    Ice cream parlour
  • Creams Ice Cream parlour
    The best!
  • Saying goodbye to the host families
    Thanks for a lovely time and all the nice food
  • Saying goodbye to the host families
    Thankyou for an amazing time and all the fantastic dinners
  • Saying goodbye to the host families
    Thanks for an amazing time and taking care of us
  • Saying goodbye to the host families
    Thanks for a lovely time and looking after us so well
  • Final dinner before heading back to Thailand
    Sausages and mash!
  • Team photo
    We will miss you
  • Ready to go to the airport
    No one wants to leave!
  • At Heathrow
    Ready to board
  • Back in Bangkok...now like family
    That's England Homestay!!