To book a place for your child on one of England Homestay's trips in 2019 please contact us.

How to Apply:

  • Call us on 081 617 6356 or 095 764 0677
  • Arrange meeting time for you and your child to discuss homestay programme
  • Discuss UK Child visa requirements, information required and instruct parents on documents they need to provide
  • Discuss any medical or dietary requirements
  • Parents confirm booking and pay fee by Bank transfer
  • England Homestay will assist with UK Child visa application and help book appointment at VFS (UK visa service)
  • England Homestay provide parents with documentation to take to VFS (UK Visa service)
  • Your child's visa will take approximately 3 weeks to process at VFS once all documents have been submitted

After UK Child Visitor visa issued:

  • Parents inform England Homestay when their child has received their UK Child visa
  • England Homestay can answer any questions parents may have
  • England Homestay check with parents their child has everything required
  • On the departure date we will all meet at the check-in desk at Bangkok's Suvurnahbumi airport 3 hours before departure time