Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can’t find the information I need on the website. How do I find the answers I am looking for?
    Please do e-mail us on or phone +66 (0)81 617 6356 or (0)95 764 0677.

  • How do I apply for my child to go on an England Homestay?
    Please do e-mail us on or phone +66 (0)81 617 6356 or (0)95 764 0677.

  • Can my child stay longer than 3 weeks?
    No, sorry. 3 weeks is the maximum on our group trips.

  • Are there other homestay options available?
    Yes. We can organise homestays to suit your needs.Please contact us to discuss.

  • Will my child have the opportunity to speak English all day long?
    Absolutely. We encourage your child to speak as much as they can so they will improve.

  • Who will my child share with at the homestay family’s home?
    England Homestay will give your child a bedroom with someone of the same gender, ie girl with another girl, boy with another boy. In your child's homestay home they will most likely have a shared bedroom with access to a shared bathroom. Single bedrooms may be available in some homestay family homes.

  • My child has specific dietary and/or medical requirements. What should I do?
    We can respond very successfully to most requirements but it’s important that that you tell us about any dietary requirements and medical conditions when you are booking.

  • Will I be able to contact my child during the course by telephone, email or instant messenging?
    Yes, you can contact your child by any means you like. Homestay homes will have wifi. We also supply UK SIM cards for your child's telephone.

  • Who will wash my child's clothes?
    Your homestay host will do reasonable amounts of washing for you.

  • What would happen if my child were to be unwell?
    If your child were unwell, we would arrange for them to see a doctor or, if necessary, take them to a local hospital.

  • Are there any hidden extra costs?
    No. There aren't.

  • Can the homestay family look after my child's passport and money for them?
    England Homestay take care of your child's money and passport while they are on homestay. When your child requires access to their pocket money they can sign it out from us. Your child should keep valuable items such as mobile phones, cameras, ipods, computer games, jewellery etc. locked in their case and only take them out when they are using them.