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Have you ever wanted your children to have the opportunity to stay in England?

To be in a safe and fun environment with a lovely English family?

To live and speak English like English people do?

To visit and learn about many interesting and fun new places? you can!

England homestay is an opportunity of a lifetime for children between the ages of 10 and 16 years old to go to the UK during their school holidays. Staying in an English home in Surrey, in the beautiful countryside of the South East of England, your children will be totally absorbed by the English way of life and exposed to the language, English customs, foods and activities.

The time that your children will be with us will be one of the most rewarding of their young lives as they receive a fantastic experience and an understanding of English life as it is really lived.

About Us

We offer a completely unique homestay programme.

England Homestay is organised by Luxury Lifestyle Group Ltd. Our homestay programme is based in Surrey in the South East of England. We provide a great environment to improve your child's English while undertaking many fun activities and daytrips. This combined with the opportunity for your child to live with a real English family makes this the BEST homestay in England.

We have in the past taken children to England for homestay trips. They all had a great time, became more confident, and improved their English.

Dates of forthcoming England Homestays

April 9th - May 6th 2018
Next Homestay trip to be confirmed


  • The homestay programme that my son attended was better than what I expected. It was more of an exclusive homestay. It was well managed and I felt my son was in good hands and most importantly - safe. The continous photos and videos Guy, the organiser, sent my wife and I, made us feel we were there. The home where my son stayed was nice, clean and very comfortable.

    Surachet Sampatawanith― Parent from Satit Pattana School

  • I would recommend anyone wishing to send their children on this England Homestay. My daughter and son had a wonderful time while they were there. They were in a very safe environment at all times, and were well looked after. Guy, the organiser, managed the trip very well from start to finish. He helped prepare all the paperwork required for visas, and kept my wife and I updated every day with how things were going in England. Guy was with the children all the time they were in the UK, making sure they were safe. It was excellent value for money.

    Chalermporn Leethong-In― Parent from Satit Pattana School

Great Homestay! My kids, Nessie and Nine, really appreciated the homestay trip. I would like to say from our family a huge thankyou to Guy and his family for organising such a wonderful homestay.

Tanita Treputharat

Nina really enjoyed the England Homestay trip. She was far more confident in her spoken English when she came back from England. It was definitely worth the money.

Pattananop Mahittikul

My daughter, Aom, stayed in Surrey and had a lovely time with her homestay family. They took care of her so well. She loved England, improved her spoken English and thought the day trips and activities were brilliant. Really recommend it.

Wowarat Marithida

Wonderful experience for my daughter in the UK. Was a great experience for her. Really nice homestay family and very well organised itinerary. Guy kept us up to date every day on what our daughter was doing. Food and accommodation were excellent.

Wuttiporn Marittida

I enjoyed my trip to England and staying in your home. You have been very kind to me. I will definitely miss your cooking and history of England. I would like to say thank you very much for taking care of me during my stay. I will miss you all.


I am more than glad to be with you. You are very kind. I want to say thank you for everything you did for me, especially you help me improve my English. I will not forget you. And of course I will not forget the very good cooking...delicious!


Thanks for looking after me so well. I had a great time visiting many interesting places. My English has improved so much while I was living with you. My parents have said they have noticed a big difference in my English accent too. Thank you very much for everything.